Addiction Recovery Care in Colorado Springs

Dr. Blixt believes that recovery is a journey, not a single event, and that journey is better taken with a guide. That is why he offers a program that not only treats the whole person, but supports the whole person as they work to build a life during recovery, that is both effective and sustainable. Dr. Blixt understands that medication is only one recovery tool available to his clients. He works with his clients individuals to both develop, and strengthen their personal recovery goals, helping them pursue whole body and mind health.

Dr. Blixt treats the disease of addiction on an individual basis, as the symptoms of the disease can differ from person to person. It is his goal to guide a unique recovery experience that matches the needs of individual clients.

Are you ready for a change?

One way to think of recovery is getting to a place in life where a person has a non judgmental, realistic and accepting self view  of who they are and where they are going.

Dr. Blixt believes only by fully accepting ourselves as we are “now” will allow us to go forward in our lives as we strive for improvement. 

This becomes a starting point for embarking on a new life that never seemed possible. Though it may take some work, real happiness and satisfaction are possible.

Time to take a deep breath, accept what is, and take it one step at a time. The moral will not improve if we keep beating ourselves up. Contact Dr. Blixt today to find out how to start this journey of acceptance, and be a healthier you.

Addiction Medication Options

Each patient's needs are unique, that's why Dr. Blixt develops personalized treatment plans to help patients overcome their addictions. Learn more about some of the medications offered by Dr. Blixt.