Dr. Jeff Blixt, D.O.

Dr. Jeff Blixt, DO

cropped-blixt_final-logo_rgb-01.pngAs a practicing Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in Colorado Springs, Dr. Blixt is passionate about providing his clients a holistic approach toward their medical and lifestyle challenges. He is trained to offer medication-assisted therapy for substance use disorders, including addictions to pain pills, heroin, alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines.

He also specializes in bariatric medicine, and the treatment of obesity related disorders. Dr. Blixt understands that medication is just one recovery tool available to his clients; He works with individuals to develop and strengthen personalized recovery goals as clients pursue whole body and mind health.

Many problems in life are not “our fault.” Lots of conditions, including genetics, upbringing, and early relationships affected who we are today. These conditions can negatively affect your life and wellbeing, but you always have a choice; Remain a victim of these circumstances, or SURVIVE them. It’s your life, choose to live it. That’s where we can help; Dr. Blixt is here to help you live again. Read more about Dr. Jeff Blixt.

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Addiction Recovery

web-icons-03Every day, millions of individuals and their families are affected by substance abuse, but it doesn’t have stay that way. Addiction is real, but recovery is possible! Dr. Blixt’s practice in Colorado Springs is ready to help you recover from your substance abuse disorder, and begin your journey finding a healthier you.


Consider addiction recovery as finding the place in life… the moment when a person finds a non-judgmental, realistic, and accepting self view of who they are, and where they’re headed. We can help you find that place.


Weight Loss

Dr. Jeff Blixt can help.
Our private practice can lead you on your way to a healthier life. Dr. Blixt can help you build the strategies and tools you need to reach your body goals. As a small practice, Dr. Blixt provides the the physician managed weight loss program you want, with personalized treatments specific to your medical needs.


Becoming a healthier you can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone! Losing weight requires courage, discipline and perseverance. It’s time for you to take that first step!

Be the change you want to see in yourself.

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